Aerial Golf Course Tours

Early in November we took a trip to Pensacola FL to film a golf course. We wanted to create a virtual tour of each hole and a quick promo they could use to revamp their website and social media presence. 

A drone is a perfect tool to provide content when a golf course is the subject. We had a lot of fun filming and the guest were all excited to see what the finished product would look like. 

We made a quick promo showcasing the grounds: Scenic Hills Country Club Grounds Tour

We also made a tour of each hole. Before playing a new course this is one of the first things people look for, and we hope more golf course adopt the aerial flyovers. 

Scenic Hills | Holes 1-9 | Drone Flyover by Blackbird Aerial

Scenic Hills | Holes 10-18 | Drone Flyover by Blackbird Aerial

Golf course have to be one the best subjects to film with a drone. The beauty and tranquility really comes across, and it is always a joy to be on the course....filming or playing. 




Kevin Fagan