The Beginning

I can trace this all back to when I received my first remote controlled vehicle. It did not matter that it took hours to charge and lasted only a few minutes. I was hooked. 

Fast forward to 2015 and my love for videography and remote controlled vehicles intersected when I got my first drone.The ability to shoot perfectly smooth HD footage blew me away. I began using my drone to film everything I could in California. What started out as a passionate hobby has turned into an idea of using drones for both industrial and creatives services. 

Everyday I see something new a drone could be used for. A restaurant with amazing outdoor seating needs to show this off on their website. A new city project needs to be represented in the paper. Chimneys need to be inspected or insurance claims after a sever storm. A courtroom needs an aerial view of an accident scene or a wedding need some beautiful shots.I created Blackbird Aerial to follow my passion and serve as an upstanding resource for creative and industrial drone applications.

I want this blog to outline the types of project we are working on and serve as a resource for potential customers to see how we think and operate as a company. 

Kevin Fagan